PractitionerRole Resource Example

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PractitionerRole Resource Example


<PractitionerRole xmlns="">

   <id value="example"/>
       <versionId value="5"/>
       <lastUpdated value="2016-10-28T17:00:46Z"/>
       <status value="generated"/>

Dr Adam Carefull is a Referring Practitioner for Acme Hospital from 1-Jan 2012 to 31-Mar 2012

       <system value=""/>
       <value value="23"/>
   <active value="true"/>
       <reference value="Practitioner/23"/>
       <reference value="Organization/f001"/>
           <system value=""/>
           <system value=""/>
           <display value="Cardiologist"/>
       <reference value="Location/1"/>
       <display value="South Wing, second floor"/>
       <reference value="HealthcareService/example"/>
       <system value="phone"/>
       <value value="(03) 5555 6473"/>
       <use value="home"/>
       <start value="2012-01-01"/>
       <end value="2012-03-31"/>
       <reference value="Endpoint/example"/>