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Location Resource Example with EndPoint

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Return to Argonaut Provider Directory Connectathon

Location Resource Example with EndPoint


<Location xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="">

   <id value="hl7east"/>
       <Endpoint xmlns="">
           <id value="endpoint-1001"/>
           <status value="active"/>
           <name value="GREGORY MULA"/>
           <address value=""/>
           <payloadFormat value="*/*"/>
                   <system value=""/>
       <system value=""/>
       <value value="29"/>
   <status value="active"/>
   <name value="Health Level Seven International - Amherst"/>
   <description value="HL7 Headquarters - East"/>
   <mode value="instance"/>
           <system value=""/>
           <display value="Sleep disorders unit"/>
       <system value="phone"/>
       <value value="(+1) 734-677-7777"/>
       <system value="fax"/>
       <value value="(+1) 734-677-6622"/>
       <system value="email"/>
       <value value=""/>
   <line value="3300 Washtenaw Avenue, Suite 227"/>
   <city value="Amherst"/>
   <state value="MA"/>
   <postalCode value="01002"/>
   <country value="USA"/>
           <system value=""/>
           <display value="Building"/>
       <longitude value="-72.519854"/>
       <latitude value="42.373222"/>
       <reference value="#endpoint-1001"/>